About Us

We invite you to explore the depth and diversity of the Champagne terroir

Why Choose One Glass A Day?

Champagne, renowned for its association with major celebrations, should not be limited to grand occasions. One Glass A Day is committed to making this effervescent delight accessible for everyday moments, whether enjoyed alone or shared with a loved one. But we understand that not every celebration requires an entire bottle, so we've devised a solution: a special gift (with the purchase of 2 bottles) to help preserve the bubbles.

Who We Are

One Glass A Day is the brainchild of two passionate wine enthusiasts.

Zoya, with over 15 years of experience in the luxury industry and major champagne houses among the group LVMH in Paris, she delved into oenology classes to deepen her understanding of the champagne terroir. Drawing from this extensive background, she possesses a nuanced understanding that asserts our champagnes' superior quality compared to the familiar offerings of major brands.

Mathieu, hailing from a family of wine connoisseurs, has been immersed in the world of wine for as long as he can remember. With an unwavering passion and an unparalleled knowledge of Rhone Valley wines, he has also expanded his expertise in Champagne through various oenology trainings with family winegrowers.

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Our Philosophy

At its core, One Glass A Day embodies a dream: to grant independent Champagne winegrowers the recognition enjoyed by the larger Champagne Houses. Great champagnes aren't limited to the ones in the limelight. We invite you to explore the depth and diversity of the Champagne terroir. One Glass A Day's mission is to introduce you to one of the most iconic products of French culture while shedding light on champagne producers who prioritize the quality of their wine over their reputation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike the big champagne houses, which purchase the majority of their grapes and juice from the 5,000 winegrowers in the Champagne region due to land constraints, our family winegrowers oversee the entire process. They nurture their vineyards and craft their own champagne, reserving their best cuvées for themselves and selling only a fraction of their juice to the major houses. The result is a champagne of superior quality and complexity compared to the more generic offerings of the big champagne houses.



Why Are We More Affordable?

With One Glass A Day, our bottles go directly from the hands of the producer to those of the consumer, eliminating the costs associated with transport between the winegrower, wholesaler, retailer, and the end consumer, as well as the storage and marketing expenses of the major champagne houses. This enables us to provide you with the fairest prices. As a result, you'll find our champagnes priced 20% to 30% lower than what you're accustomed to. You'll soon discover that you've never truly experienced the quality of champagne before.

Our Meticulous Selection

We curate our champagne selection with the utmost rigor, offering only the finest champagnes. Even today, we continue to explore the Champagne vineyards to discover the champagne that will delight you among the 5,000 winegrowers in the Champagne region. We firmly believe in the importance of trust and professionalism in online sales, which is why our contact form is always at your disposal. One Glass A Day is committed to promptly addressing any inquiries you may have.